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Where’s El Sancho? El Sancho has two locations in Bend, Oregon. Visit us at “THE SHACK” at Crux Fermentation Project or at “THE SHOP” on Dekalb across 3rd Street from Kayo’s.

El Sancho Taco Shack

LOCATION: Crux Fermentation Project
{ at the edge of the Old Mill}
Monday 4-8
Fri. – Sun 12-8


LOCATION: 335 NE Dekalb Ave
{across 3rd street from Kayo’s}
Now open for lunch!
Closed Monday
Tues – Sunday 11-10

El Sancho Taco Cart

The travelling cart can be found parked at many festivals and events around Bend and Central Oregon.
Visit our Facebook page to see what events we’re attending.

About El Sancho

El Sancho’s mission is to provide the community with high quality street food at an affordable price and in a sustainable manner.


Our travels through Mexico combined with Pacific NW culture have created our unique style and approach. We are as resourceful as possible, from the use of recycled materials to create all of our carts and locations, to cooking in the most energy efficient way in the world (Rocket Stove, Oh Yeah)!!

In 2010, El Sancho took root as one of the first local food carts in downtown Bend. A couple years later we created our taco shack at Pak-It Liquidators, our junkyard oasis. After Pak-It closed we moved the cart and remnants of the shack to its current location at Crux Brewery. Our new taco shop, in NE Bend, is our chance to create a permanent home and headquarters for El Sancho. Come kick back at either of our locations and also look for us at our favorite local events and festivals.


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Our Address

El Sancho Taco Shop
335 NE Dekalb Avenue
Bend, Oregon 97701
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Who doesn’t like tacos?

We have 2 catering options:
Pickup or Cart Service

See prices below
Email us to cater your event

[email protected]